What are the benefits of trademark?

  •  Registered trademark can increase a company's value to potential investors and purchasers 
  • Show me the benefit of my trademark
  •  By registering your trademark, you allow your company to secure ownership right on a 'mark' before you begin to use it. 
  •  By having a registered trademark, you can take advantage of protections offered by the custom and border patrol agencies 
  •  A Registered trademark allows business to make use of online takedown procedures provided by social media companies, search engines and electronic marketplaces. 
  • You can plan future growth and prevent trademark squatters. The use of a trademark is the prerequisite for registration of the trademark. Many countries allow local and foreign business to obtain trademark registration for marks they may or may not yet be using but intend to use  
  • Keep your company marketable. The advent of the digital and global economy provides an unprecedented opportunity for new companies to start and grow very rapidly. If you are looking for an exit strategy before you attempt to scale your business or you're taking a business concept from ideation to market, then harnessing intellectual property is your best tool at hand. 

      Show me the benefit of my trademark

On the other hand, if you are a founder who is not venture capital backed yet, whilst you're not designing an exit strategy you are certainly seeking funds from third party investors. Having a trademark portfolio is an essential step to being marketable to buyers and investor. The longer the registration has been (with evidence of use) the stronger it becomes and the more valuable your company becomes to investors. Show me the benefit of my trademark